Commission Pricing

The pricing structure is designed to be as transparent and simple as possible. We of course understand that budget constraints can limit the number of projects that can be undertaken in a given financial year, so we try to offer good value for money by offering a package that is both affordable to business as well as to commissions by the individual.

Hourly rate is a flat £20.00 p.h
Daily rate £120.00
Travel expenses are charged at 0.45p per mile for distances over 20miles from base. Base is deemed to be Bridgnorth , Shropshire.
Any photographic related materials required to complete the commission will be charged at cost only. Examples may include but not restricted to are - A3 or larger prints, mounted framed prints, photo albums, specialised set props.

Retouching rate £10.00 p.h

Any commission if broken down into strict hourly rates can very quickly result in spiralling costs. We are not insensitive to this, so if you have a piece of work that needs completing and requires more than half a days input then please contact us directly as we will often charge bespoke rates for the job rather than a prescriptive hourly rate.

*For commissions that require retouching after the shoot the quoted price will include those hours at the given retouching rate of £10.00 p.h
* For commissions that require entry to a third party event whereby we are acting on your behalf but you are a subcontractor or trader at another organisations event it is your responsibility to provide us with suitable passes and permissions to photograph and publish images from the event. Any restrictions placed on the shooting or use of such images after the event must be communicated to LandFox photography before the event takes place